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Speaking English is an essential tool. Whether it’s for professional, academic, or travel purposes being able to speak English is a necessity. So what is the best approach to learning English? How do time, content, and location play a role in choosing the right English course?

First, be honest with time constraints. What fits in best between the office, home, and other obligations? Community courses are great for people who can devote a couple hours once or twice a week to learning English, but for many this type of an arrangement is impossible. For “time-pressed” learners, one or two week courses in a native speaking English country are often better. Combine a week of vacation by participating in morning classes leaving the rest of the day to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Second, check out the content. What is the course’s focus and how does it align with your personal learning goals? English language courses are only as good as their content, so take the time to look at who’s teaching, what’s being taught, and if it’s really the right “cup of tea”.

Finally, take a look at the location. The best way to maximize the efficiency of short term courses is in a native speaking country. Being abroad offers two advantages; being immersed in the English language and getting away from the stress of everyday life. Being in an English speaking environment helps participants make great strides in their language by constantly being able to practice. Location also offers the perfect opportunity to take a vacation. Language courses abroad offer a wide range of recreational activities to compliment not only language learning but the relaxing environment as well. International Projects offers a wide range of packages for adults, teens, kids, and families as well.
So when debating the best way to improve those English skills don’t forget to consider time, content, and location factors to make the learning experience even more memorable!

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