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Joop Bettwäsche – Bach-Blog

Saubere Sache, in dieser Bettwäsche kann man träumen wie ein König!

Joop Bettwäsche

Aqua Viscaya – Alles neu macht der Juli mit sensationeller Joop Bettwäsche!

Sommerfrische Ideen fürs Bett und Schlafzimmer findet man im Hause Aqua Viscaya!

Speziell die 

Joop Bettwäsche ist in diesen Sommer ein Top-Seller!

Die JOOP! GmbH – ist ein seit 1986 international erfolgreiches deutsches Modeunternehmen für u.a. Heimtextilien. Bettwäsche, Spannbettlaken in zeitlosem Chic und schlichten Formen dominieren diesen Sommer in einem modernen Schlafzimmer. Joop Spannbettlaken und Joop Bettwäsche wird von Aqua Viscaya in allen Größen angeboten.

Modebewusste Menschen sollten sich unbedingt die Modelle – JOOP Bettwäsche – „New New Square“, „Lucent Stripes“, „Mosaik“ und „Ornamente Stripes“ kaufen.

Aqua Viscaya Wasserbetten + Gelbetten vor Ort entdecken oder online unter

Aqua Viscaya Wasserbetten + Gelbetten 
Filialen in Stuhr (bei Bremen), Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Ingolstadt, Wiesbaden und Frierichshafen
Torsten Mehlgarten
Moordeicher Landstr. 35
28816 Stuhr
Zentrale.: 0421 – 8305379

English Language Courses – Bach-Blog

Sponsored Post: Eine Sprachreisen-Empfehlung auf dem Bachblog!

Speaking English is an essential tool. Whether it’s for professional, academic, or travel purposes being able to speak English is a necessity. So what is the best approach to learning English? How do time, content, and location play a role in choosing the right English course?

First, be honest with time constraints. What fits in best between the office, home, and other obligations? Community courses are great for people who can devote a couple hours once or twice a week to learning English, but for many this type of an arrangement is impossible. For “time-pressed” learners, one or two week courses in a native speaking English country are often better. Combine a week of vacation by participating in morning classes leaving the rest of the day to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Second, check out the content. What is the course’s focus and how does it align with your personal learning goals? English language courses are only as good as their content, so take the time to look at who’s teaching, what’s being taught, and if it’s really the right “cup of tea”.

Finally, take a look at the location. The best way to maximize the efficiency of short term courses is in a native speaking country. Being abroad offers two advantages; being immersed in the English language and getting away from the stress of everyday life. Being in an English speaking environment helps participants make great strides in their language by constantly being able to practice. Location also offers the perfect opportunity to take a vacation. Language courses abroad offer a wide range of recreational activities to compliment not only language learning but the relaxing environment as well. International Projects offers a wide range of packages for adults, teens, kids, and families as well.
So when debating the best way to improve those English skills don’t forget to consider time, content, and location factors to make the learning experience even more memorable!

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English Summer Classes and facebook

Sponsored Post: Get outside and try this courses:

Today’s kids seem to have so much at their fingertips. Whether it be a Playstation, Wii, the newest computer, or an iphone, all activities seem to be done in resting position. Their greatest adventures are no longer in the form of outdoor adventures, but what they just looked up on Google. Whatever happened to leaving the computer, living room, or car and getting out to explore? English summer classes are a great way for kids to have fun the “old fashioned” way while still learning valuable language skills.

Summer classes provide kids with a great way to get outside and have some fun. Classes are generally held in the morning leaving afternoons and evenings just for recreation. Depending on where the school is located kids can enjoy activities such as swimming, boating, sightseeing, and much, much more. International Projects is a tour operator that offers a variety of English summer courses to keep kids busy, and finally be a part of some the activities they’ve read about on Google.

The greatest selling point for English summer classes is that they really are plain old fun. Summer courses are a great way to introduce kids to diversity in a fun and safe environment. They have the opportunity to meet new friends from all over Europe while having fun and improving their English. It’s the equivalent of sending your kids to summer camp, while allowing them to prepare for the next school year.

English summer classes also offer kids a great way to travel and take in some of the world’s best sightseeing. Whether it be a day trip to one of England’s gorgeous beaches or the opportunity to go sightseeing in London, kids have the opportunity to get out of the house, see something new and practice their English as well. English summer classes offer children a safe, fully supervised excursion, exposing them to historical and modern experiences while having fun with their friends.

So the next time irritation starts to rise because your kids have spent more time on facebook then they have outside, suggest an independent, fun vacation and look into some English summer classes ..

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Ute Nanninga
IP International Projects GmbH
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